APEXIOS provides soil and groundwater remediation cost estimates so that the potential purchaser can make sound business decisions. We coordinate and manage decontamination and polluting sources, such as leaking underground storage tanks, to ensure that remediation activities are carried out efficiently and cost-effectively and comply with regulatory guidelines, regulations and accepted industry practices.
The presence or absence of soil and groundwater contamination is confirmed during the Phase II using methods such as drilling, testpitting, monitoring well installation, sample collection and chemical analysis. APEXIOS carries out the intrusive work according to the principles of CSA Standard Z769 as well as regulatory guidelines and regulations.
Properties with an extensive and problematic environmental history are often encumbered with a multitude of environmental reports carried out by various consultants at different times for different clients with dissimilar objectives. APEXIOS provides a comprehensive review of these environmental reports and provides the client with a clear understanding of the environmental issues related to the property. More importantly, we develop an environmental action plan based on available information to expose environmental liabilities crucial to the client's decision-making.
Phases I, II & III
Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation
The acquisition, re-financing or disposition of an asset, such as a property or an entire company, often triggers environmental site assessment and remediation. The  purchasers, their lenders and the sellers need to minimize the financial and legal liabilities that may arise from the environmental condition of the property. APEXIOS personnel are fully trained on the pertinent Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements as well as regulatory guidelines and regulations. All environmental site assessment and remediation work is performed or managed by professionals certified as EESA (Évaluateur environnemental de site agréé) by the Association québécoise de vérification environnementale (AQVE).
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
Phase III Environmental Site Remediation
Documentation review and Environmental Action Plan
Groundwater monitoring
The type and location of actual and potential soil and groundwater contamination at a property are identified during the Phase I through archival records review, site visits and interviews. APEXIOS carries out the non-intrusive work according to the principles of CSA Standard Z768 as well as regulatory guidelines and regulations.
Groundwater from existing monitoring wells are sampled and analyzed at MDDEP-certified laboratories on an annual basis to determine any changes to the environmental condition of the property.